Avalon College Advising was built with a focus on offering a roadmap for every high school student. We now reach and support students at most Peninsula High Schools and beyond - both public and private. Our deep knowledge of the process and institutional expertise makes a difference in so many students' lives.

Our goal is to support students through the application process that has for so long been anticipated, anxiously so, by both students and their parents. We help young adults - without overpromise - reduce stress and help make college dreams a reality.


The myriad of Avalon students includes those seeking highly selective academic programs, athletic recruits, artists, the 'B' students and students wanting customized programs supporting learning differences. Assisting all types of young adults with their collegiate launch never gets old.

Above all, Avalon models a trusted ethical approach throughout our company practices. As a member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), we have been vetted and earned Professional Membership. Also important to our culture, we support Bay Area nonprofits including Hidden Villa, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Foundation for a College Education, and Greene Scholars.

Avalon is all about providing high-quality service to students who are putting in the time and doing the required work. We seek students who are open to exploring who they are and how they choose to engage. Based on students' interests we identify school matches that fit their academic competencies, geographic preferences and cultural desires.

Empathetic with high expectations...