Supreme Court Backs Payments to Student-Athletes In N.C.A.A. Case

In a challenge to a system that many see as broken, The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the N.C.A.A. could not bar relatively modest payments to student-athletes, underscoring the growing challenges to a college sports system that generates huge sums for schools but provides little or no compensation to the players. Speaking for The Supreme Court, Justice Gorsuch commented that “by permitting colleges and universities to offer enhanced education-related benefits, its decision may encourage scholastic achievement and allow student-athletes a measure of compensation more consistent with the value they bring to their schools. Still, some will see this as a poor substitute for fuller relief.” Either way, the college sports system is under review. Read more from the NY Times here.

How to Talk to Kids About the Riots at the U.S. Capitol

Many students were home Wednesday, watching the D.C riots unfold in front of them. As adults, parents and educators, it is our job to help students make sense of it. Turn this into a teachable moment. Talk this through calmly with your students and listen to what they are saying. Keep the conversation going.
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States Must Test Student Learning This Year, Biden Administration Says

While the U.S. Education Department believes that standardized testing provides important data on student learning and success, critics argue that these tests have never been a valid or reliable measure of what students know or are able to do, and that they are especially unreliable now. NPR reports that “high-stakes standardized tests administered during the global health crisis should not determine a student’s future”.
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To Play, Or Not To Play: Schools Wrestle With CDC’s Athletics Recommendations

Parents and coaches have long known how important sports are to students. The pandemic has taken away a healthy outlet for many and, for others, ruined hopes of recruitment. Although the CDC has stated that academics should be a priority as schools consider re-opening, those recommendations aren’t always being followed at the local level.
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