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A long-time college admissions reader at both Santa Clara University and Stanford University and Vice President of Enrollment at Presidio Graduate School, Jennifer has over 15 years of experience as a college admissions expert.

Here’s What Her Colleagues Have to Say

“It was a delight to report to Jennifer in my role as Associate Dean, Student Affairs and Career Development at Presidio Graduate School.

She is outstanding in her clarity of thinking and prowess in communicating essential information in a timely fashion. She was instrumental in bringing order and structure where none had previously existed.

In our high pressured and fast-paced work environment, she was beyond impressive in demonstrating top-notch leadership skills.”

Mitchell Friedman

“As an active member of the Board, I was impressed with Jennifer’s excellent job as COO during a leadership transition.

She was stellar in assessing the needs of the organization, organizing the staff around mission-critical functions, and rebuilding the management systems we needed to stay afloat.

And in addition, this was all while managing challenging partners, vendors, and anxious faculty and students. Jennifer was an enormously effective partner with the Board and senior faculty, an excellent mentor to young administrative staff, and a thoughtful, wise and mission-driven colleague.”

Gretchen Cummings

“Jennifer was my supervisor. You will not find a more consistent, diligent and highly committed leader. I benefited enormously from her outstanding team management. At our department, she developed and implemented critical and influential processes for managing applications, both for admission and for financial aid.

Jennifer personally inspires everyone around her rise to any challenge. Jennifer’s unique blend of professionalism, humor, and positive energy makes her an ideal leader in dealing with problematic or highly sensitive situations.

I have always known her to treat her work with the utmost discretion while approaching her collaboration with others with compassion, respect, understanding, and expertise.”

Evin O'Keeffe

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