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  • Big changes coming for the ACT!
    In a very student-friendly move, the ACT announced today that starting September 2020 it will allow students to retake selected sections of the ACT exam at digital testing sites. Students will also have the option to take digital, rather than paper, ACTs on any of the national testing dates, allowing them to receive results within two business days. The ACT now fully endorses superscoring of its tests and will let students request and submit “superscored” score reports directly to colleges so that students no longer need to order and send each individual score report to their colleges.
  • It’s both a blessing and a curse to have so many options to choose from, but it’s worth the time and the effort to see how your student clicks with different schools, not just those with the biggest names.
  • College is a great investment — if you choose the right school. MONEY identified and ranked more than 700 leading institutions that are worth the cost; these are their top picks.
  • State Sen. Anthony Portantino, who authored the bill, cheered the new law which goes into effect in 2022 by saying, “Our children’s health and welfare win!!! “
  • As reported in Edsurge, applying language-processing technology to admissions data by using IBM’s Watson could offer valuable insights about a student and help to identify students who may need more support.
  • Research papers, use of campus facilities and operational cost containment. Edsurge asks the question, “Will big data actually save us“?
  • Will UC schools drop their SAT scores requirement? Most students who apply to University of California schools take the SAT, and the system makes up the largest single source of test-takers for the College Board. More importantly, the decision of the largest university system in the country would very likely shape policy decisions elsewhere in the coming years. Whatever the decision in California, it will have consequences far beyond the Golden State. Stay tuned.
  • Not only does Penn State offer an Environmental Science major, but they put their words into practice. Well done!
  • California’s Fair Pay to Play Act will be the first of many to take effect in 2023. Across the country, other states are showing interest and are either introducing student athlete compensation laws or looking into it. How will this affect how high school students choose where to go to college?