Our Team

Owner, Advisor, and Lead Consultant
Jennifer Williams Taylor works with all students to support and advise them through the college application process.   More about Jennifer...

Jamie Lockton joined Avalon in the spring of 2022. Jamie brings over a decade of experience working with students at both the high school and college levels. She has a B.A. in Business Communications from Rutgers College and spent the early part of her career traveling to over one hundred colleges as Regional Manager of a large test-prep company.   More about Jamie...

Client Services Manager
Julia Smith-Johnson is an alum of Avalon College Advising who returned to Avalon with a Data & Business Analytics degree from Suffolk University. Julia specializes in facilitating student onboarding and program experiences, updating internal processes, and synthesizing and analyzing student data. In her free time, Julia enjoys hiking, camping, and traveling with friends and family. More about Julia...

Essay Reviewers & Readers
Led by Jennifer Williams Taylor and supported by a team of editors. Our essay team boasts experience in education, business, communications, economics and more. They hold bachelors and masters degrees from universities across the country (including Harvard and Stanford), and have years of experience in editing, copywriting, and college admissions.

Communications, Operations and Customer Support
The Avalon College Advising Team includes professionals with backgrounds in finance, client and community relations, communications, marketing, education, and business management. We are both Myers Briggs MBTI and Strong Interest Inventory certified.

Jennifer Williams Taylor
Jennifer Williams Taylor
Jamie Locton
Julia Smith-Johnson
Sebastian & Hugo

Sebastian & Hugo

Sebastian and Hugo have joined our team, taking over where Zinc (our first office support-pup) left off. The puppy-pair add their warmth and calm to our already supportive environment, helping our students feel relaxed and welcomed at a time when they need it the most.

Comprehensive and a la carte options available