The Comprehensive Program and Senior Program include regular meetings, and unlimited email and phone contact. Hourly Consultation is also available.

We work closely with each student on a one on one basis. Services include but are not limited to developing a strategic college list, critiquing college essays, building resumes and preparing for college interviews. See full list of services here.

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Comprehensive Program

This program is for freshman, sophomore and juniors who aim to be accepted to top universities. Understand how to strategically navigate your high school career to build a strong college application for your dream college. We work with individuals to hit critical milestones that will ensure a standout college application. Learn how to maximize growth opportunities, build a strong resume, and more.


Ultimate Senior Program

This program is perfect for rising and current seniors who are actively preparing college applications. Understand the best way to highlight your talents and display your strengths. Receive personalized support in writing a compelling college essay, procuring strong letters of recommendation, preparing a counselor-approved resume, and more.


Hourly Consultation

This option works well for students who are successful independent workers and would like to seek guidance on specific topics. See full list of services for more information. Based on customized needs, you may choose to work on specific portions of the application process, such as college planning, essay writing and resume building. Consultation is provided on an hourly basis.

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