Summer Internships

At Avalon College Advising, we know how important meaningful summer internships are in the college search process. Developing skills and gaining experience through summer opportunities helps to inform major and college choices and makes students stand out on a college application.

When it comes to student internships, access is half the equation. Even before Covid, it could be challenging for students to locate and land an internship. During the current economic downturn and changing work environment however, finding a relevant and engaging internship can be impossible. This is what our students faced in 2020, and we were determined that they not give up on finding these important learning opportunities.

We anticipate the upcoming summer of 2021 could be much like the last and know that our students may again need help finding internships. This is not a paid service that we offer, but because it is so important, we are reaching out to see if anyone in our Avalon community is interested in being matched with a student to mentor and/or who could help you with special projects related to your business. These students are curious, tech-savvy, and looking for quality experiences to help shape their career and academic interests.

If you can help, please fill out this form or send us an email. We look forward to talking with you soon.


Jennifer Williams Taylor