Senior Comprehensive Program

Comprehensive Program or A La Carte Services Available


The Senior Comprehensive Program begins as early as March of the student’s junior year and as late as the summer prior to student’s senior year. It concludes once all college applications have been submitted in the student’s senior year or January of the student’s senior year. Follow up with student’s in the spring of their graduation year is free of charge.

The program is accelerated to include the student’s final planning for extracurricular activities and rising senior summer activities, testing strategies, and, if not too late, senior course selection. We focus on the student’s academic and career interests that ideally align with their colleges of interest and choices for their academic major.


Seniors are prepared for the focused work of completing the college application process. They understand what is expected for success. Avalon supports the student during the rising senior summer through fall of senior year to complete all applications and to support the student in presenting favorably to their best-fit institutions.

Curriculum is set and customized to the student’s schedule. Progress is tracked and communicated. See our list of services for more information.

A La Carte Services

This option works well for many types of students. A La Carte Services, scheduled on a meeting-to-meeting basis, supports independent students and those who seek specific guidance on specific topics. This option is also available for students who would like to confirm a positive fit between Avalon College Advising and their needs and expectations. While a student may purchase one session at a time, there are also meeting bundles offered which allow for a student to more easily schedule with Avalon.

Curriculum is provided based on the direction and expressed needs of the client. Progress is tracked and communicated.

Essay Review

We ensure that essays have been reviewed multiple times and believe that it is important that more than one set of eyes evaluate each essay in the process; while there is a group of individuals who review essays, Jennifer Williams Taylor reviews and approves each and every essay.

A sample bio for one of Avalon’s Experienced Essay Readers:  

  • graduated from Menlo School
  • earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Harvard
  • earned a graduate degree in Social Data Science from Oxford
  • wrote college-related content at Challenge Success