Senior & Single SERVICES

Avalon College Advising offers a complement of services that support seniors through the entire college application process. Seniors or a student in any grade can take advantage of our comprehensive package or single services.



Comprehensive Program

The Senior Comprehensive Program begins as early as late May of a student's junior year and concludes once all college applications are completed.

Avalon advises the student during the rising senior summer through fall of senior year in the completion of applications, supporting the student in presenting favorably to their best-fit institutions. This includes activities review, essay brainstorming, essay development, application review, general application guidance and more.

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A La Carte Services

This option works well for many types of students. A La Carte Services, scheduled on a meeting-to-meeting basis, supports independent students and those who seek specific guidance on specific topics. While a student may purchase one session at a time, there are also meeting bundles offered. See the full list of single, a la carte services here.

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Other Application Needs?

If you have any other questions regarding your college applications, please let us know. We are happy to suggest services based upon your needs.


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