The Pre-College Racket

Summer programs at elite universities can help students more deeply explore topics of interest, get a college preview or experience a different city or region of the country. However, most admissions officers agree, attending a summer program does not boost your chances for admission. Read more from the Washington Monthly here.

Too many qualified students are shut out of UC, CSU. A new study offers some solutions

While the UC and CSU systems continue to get harder to get into, most campuses are not addressing the need for growth. The Campaign for College Opportunity offers solutions. Read more from the Los Angeles Times here.

Handling College Admission Decisions: A Sidecar Parent’s Guide

College decisions will be out soon and, as a parent, how you handle the news matters. Denise Pope, founder of Challenge Success, suggests that students open emails from colleges in private – If the news is not good, they may need some time to grieve. Parents should remind their students that “where they go matters less than what they do when they get there”. While picking a college may feel like a huge decision, it is not going to make or break their chances for future success. Read more from Forbes here.