1,600 Colleges Are Now Test-Optional. How Many Will Go Back? – EdSurge News
The University of Massachusetts Amherst has historically required prospective undergraduate students to submit a standardized test score as part of …

Over the last month, we at Avalon have been diligently gathering information to share with our community and families who have entrusted us to guide them through their college preparation and application process. As disruptive and frightening as this pandemic has been, it is imperative – now, more than ever – that we do not allow fear and uncertainty to prevent our students from learning skills and preparing for college in a manner that will be crucial to their future success.

As guidelines and timelines continue to change, we hope the information below will provide up-to-date information to help you navigate over the next few months as seniors decide their college of choice and juniors pull together the final key components to their college applications. Pay close attention to the resources offered below and always feel free to contact us with your questions.

Read the full copy of our April newsletter here.

Do you have the winter blues?  We have the cure! Start planning your summer – most applications for summer activities and opportunities are open now. Talk to us at Avalon for some great ideas or pick up your own copy of The Ultimate Summer Program Guide for High School Students to explore the many possibilities on your own. When you are ready to start working with an advisor, please contact us for program details.

Find our February newsletter here.