Recent test data of 4.4 million US students positively shows online learning has had little impact on reading and has only somewhat slowed gains in math. Unfortunately, nearly 25% of students didn’t take the MAP test this year, and these students are “more likely to be black and brown, more likely to be from high-poverty schools and more likely to have lower performance in the first place.”

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As reported by Forbes, it is an open secret that despite its many flaws, the SAT is a critical tool for the affluent because it is a gatekeeper to many colleges and, ultimately, success. But will the College Board’s inept management of the SAT during the pandemic have long-term consequences?

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1,600 Colleges Are Now Test-Optional. How Many Will Go Back? – EdSurge News
The University of Massachusetts Amherst has historically required prospective undergraduate students to submit a standardized test score as part of …
Colleges can’t conduct recruitment the way they have in the past, and may not ever be able to return to the way they were. The accessibility and convenience afforded by online meetings, even as face-to-face tours and interviews are revived, may require schools to continue offering a virtual recruiting option.