Graduation rates dip across U.S. as pandemic stalls progress

With more high school students working during remote school days and others taking late-night shifts leaving them too tired for school, it’s no surprise that high school graduation rates are declining. Read more from Chalkbeat here.

A Crusade to End Grading in High Schools

How do you feel about the current grading system in high school? Many argue that because grades are based on a teacher’s judgment, they don’t adequately reflect mastery of a school’s standards. Mastery Credits and Mastery Transcripts aim to capture a more accurate snapshot of a students accomplishments.

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FAFSA applications are open. Here’s how to fill it out this year

If you are applying to college (or thinking about applying to college) and are in need of financial aid, you’ll want to complete the Free Application For Federal Student Aid or simply FAFSA. NPR’s Life Kit will tell you how and when to complete the form, guide you through the process of applying for financial aid and tell you what to do when you receive offer letters.

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Getting into college: Sort out the myths and learn the facts

Students want to believe that test scores don’t matter, but in most cases, test scores may be more important than ever as they remain a good indicator of academic ability and fit. Many colleges have made testing *optional* which simply means that students submitting good test scores have an advantage over students who choose not to test. Not all students are able, but if you can take the SAT or ACT and you receive a good score, it may give your application an extra boost. Read more here.

Ten tips for navigating your first in-person semester

While these tips are from Penn students, they apply to all students starting school this fall. Things to remember: it’s ok if things don’t go as planned, take advantage of all that your school offers, and allow yourself time to adjust to in person learning – it’s been awhile!

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