Colleges reassess safety plans after omicron surge

Without federal or state mandates or guidance, colleges across the country are left to develop their own Covid protocols. In California, expectations are that the pandemic will soon be endemic and long term options are being discussed to cope with student and teacher illness. Many still don’t feel safe on campus but can’t follow lectures or classwork because no online option is given. Will online class options be normalized in the future? Read more from Cal Matters here.

Graduation rates dip across U.S. as pandemic stalls progress

With more high school students working during remote school days and others taking late-night shifts leaving them too tired for school, it’s no surprise that high school graduation rates are declining. Read more from Chalkbeat here.

How To Make The Most Of Online College This Fall

Once again, many students are starting the fall semester online and many more may join them in the upcoming months until the pandemic subsides. Without in person classes it can be hard to focus, especially if a student didn’t plan online college. But students have been taking online courses for a long time, and many have loved the experience. Read more here.

Teens on a Year That Changed Everything

When The New York Times asked students, “How has this year challenged and changed your generation?”, the responses ranged from extreme loss to a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. In many ways, these students speak for all of us as they express what was lost and gained from the pandemic.
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Make Schools More Human

The New York Times’ recent opinion piece on education explores how the pandemic is helping us to think about students and education in more holistic ways. Schools have had to pivot quickly and many have responded in incredible ways, but what has become glaringly evident is that focusing on rote learning and standardized education leaves the more human qualities behind. Relationships are critical for deep learning and engagement.

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