How colleges are dealing with high COVID case counts on campus

Did you know that colleges are some of the most vaccinated places in the country? But, as COVID continues to spread and case numbers climb, campuses are short of resources and students and faculty don’t feel safe. Read more from NPR here.

More than 1 million fewer students are in college. Here’s how that impacts the economy

Where have all the students gone? Many fear that over a million students have opted to go straight to work from high school rather than continue their education. Are they trading a short-term income gain for the long-term benefits of a degree? Read more from NPR here.

Making Education Matter

Along with academic learning Dr B., the Stress Dr., makes the case that students right now need to learn resiliency and to “live in the present” in order to make education matter. Especially now during the chaos of a global pandemic, living in the moment is a great way to mitigate the worry and unrest that we are all feeling. Read more from Psychology Today here.

Cal State Set to Abandon SAT, ACT in Latest Blow to Standardized Tests

Cal State’s admission advisory council has recommended that CSU end the use of standardized tests in the admissions process as Covid has pushed many schools into test-optional or test-blind policies with very positive admissions results. The school board is set to vote on the change early 2022. Read more from US News here.