Cal State Set to Abandon SAT, ACT in Latest Blow to Standardized Tests

Cal State may be the next large higher ed system to abandon standardized test requirements. Why? After implementing test optional policies at the start of the pandemic, many colleges received more applicants, better academically qualified applicants and a more diverse pool of applicants. With such positive results, why would they restore test-score requirements? Read more from US News here.

Getting into college: Sort out the myths and learn the facts

Students want to believe that test scores don’t matter, but in most cases, test scores may be more important than ever as they remain a good indicator of academic ability and fit. Many colleges have made testing *optional* which simply means that students submitting good test scores have an advantage over students who choose not to test. Not all students are able, but if you can take the SAT or ACT and you receive a good score, it may give your application an extra boost. Read more here.