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We work with a variety of students and highlight each individual’s valuable assets and experiences.

Avalon College Advising was built with a focus on offering a roadmap for every high school student. We reach and support students at both public and private high schools. Our deep knowledge of the process and institutional expertise makes a difference in so many students' lives.

Avalon provides a high-quality service to students who are putting in the time and doing the required work. We seek students who are open to exploring who they are and how they choose to engage. Based on students' interests we identify school matches that fit their academic competencies, geographic preferences and cultural desires.

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Jennifer Williams Taylor

Jennifer Williams Taylor

Ms. Taylor’s approach to the college planning process is frequently described as empathetic with high expectations for her students.

Avalon Team - Feb '23 - Website


Each staff member is dedicated to providing exceptional service and a positive experience for every client.                  

"We all have blind spots, especially when it comes to what we want for our children, The college decision may be the first and most important decision your child makes for the next 3-4 years. It is helpful to have someone who can objectively help your child ferret out what's important to him/her, what are his/her individual strengths, and what are the realm of reasonable choices”...

- Menlo Park Parent


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