California offers college students $10K for public service

Californians For All College Corps is a new statewide public service program in which students receive $10,000 toward their education and can earn academic credit in exchange for 450 hours of community service,. Students can now reduce debt while earning college credit and making an impact on their community – what a great program! Read more from AP News here.

More than 1 million fewer students are in college. Here’s how that impacts the economy

Where have all the students gone? Many fear that over a million students have opted to go straight to work from high school rather than continue their education. Are they trading a short-term income gain for the long-term benefits of a degree? Read more from NPR here.

Making Education Matter

Along with academic learning Dr B., the Stress Dr., makes the case that students right now need to learn resiliency and to “live in the present” in order to make education matter. Especially now during the chaos of a global pandemic, living in the moment is a great way to mitigate the worry and unrest that we are all feeling. Read more from Psychology Today here.

Why Mission — Not Money — Will Lead Colleges to Truly Innovative Online Learning

Curriculum matters! EdSurge makes the case that colleges should build online classes with their mission – not profit – in mind. To create online learning that reflects institutions and benefits students, schools should continue to focus on their educational goals and provide their students with unique learning opportunities. Read more from EdSurge here.

The Pre-College Racket

Summer programs at elite universities can help students more deeply explore topics of interest, get a college preview or experience a different city or region of the country. However, most admissions officers agree, attending a summer program does not boost your chances for admission. Read more from the Washington Monthly here.