In it’s series finale of the Pandemic Campus Diaries series, EdSurge reviews the semester and attempts to answer the question, “Online or In Person: Which Choice Aced the Pandemic Semester?” Which decision do you think was best for students and professors?

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As reported by Forbes, it is an open secret that despite its many flaws, the SAT is a critical tool for the affluent because it is a gatekeeper to many colleges and, ultimately, success. But will the College Board’s inept management of the SAT during the pandemic have long-term consequences?

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In order to stay open, colleges continue to do what they can to control cases of Covid on campus. As we move to the end of the semester, many schools have seen caseloads rise and contact tracers have been an essential tool in the fight to slow the spread. For help in this effort, colleges have turned to their own students.

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In a recent article by The New York Post, author Jeffrey Selingo tells students that “A rejection is not about you, it’s about what a college needs the year you apply.” While that may be true, students need to present themselves authentically so that admissions reps get a clear picture of who the student is and what they would bring to a college.