College Scorecard

Are you wondering if college is worth the time and expense? See for yourself in the recently published college scorecard put out by the U.S. Department of Education. They have compiled comprehensive information on colleges across the country including annual cost of college, graduation rates and median alum earnings. Read more from the US Dept of Education here.

How colleges are dealing with high COVID case counts on campus

Did you know that colleges are some of the most vaccinated places in the country? But, as COVID continues to spread and case numbers climb, campuses are short of resources and students and faculty don’t feel safe. Read more from NPR here.

More than 1 million fewer students are in college. Here’s how that impacts the economy

Where have all the students gone? Many fear that over a million students have opted to go straight to work from high school rather than continue their education. Are they trading a short-term income gain for the long-term benefits of a degree? Read more from NPR here.

Why Mission — Not Money — Will Lead Colleges to Truly Innovative Online Learning

Curriculum matters! EdSurge makes the case that colleges should build online classes with their mission – not profit – in mind. To create online learning that reflects institutions and benefits students, schools should continue to focus on their educational goals and provide their students with unique learning opportunities. Read more from EdSurge here.

Ten tips for navigating your first in-person semester

While these tips are from Penn students, they apply to all students starting school this fall. Things to remember: it’s ok if things don’t go as planned, take advantage of all that your school offers, and allow yourself time to adjust to in person learning – it’s been awhile!

Read more here.