Graduation rates dip across U.S. as pandemic stalls progress

With more high school students working during remote school days and others taking late-night shifts leaving them too tired for school, it’s no surprise that high school graduation rates are declining. Read more from Chalkbeat here.

What Coronavirus Means for College Decision Day

While many colleges will keep to a May 1st Decision Day this year, if students need more time to make this important decision, they should reach out to the admissions offices of their institutions of interest to find out how to request an extension if necessary. This is a major decision, so students should take the time they need to find their right-fit college.
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6 ways to help your child (and you) survive the dreaded college waitlist

There was a huge surge in applications this year, leaving colleges in the dark on student enrollment for the fall. Since acceptance numbers are unclear, colleges have a ready group of students (the waitlist) they can go to if more students decline their offers of admission than anticipated. If you have landed on a waitlist, here’s what you can do.
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States Must Test Student Learning This Year, Biden Administration Says

While the U.S. Education Department believes that standardized testing provides important data on student learning and success, critics argue that these tests have never been a valid or reliable measure of what students know or are able to do, and that they are especially unreliable now. NPR reports that “high-stakes standardized tests administered during the global health crisis should not determine a student’s future”.
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