While the pandemic has caused downtime routines to change, it has opened up possibilities for new, more intentional habits to form. Instead of the mental housekeeping we used to do during a commute to work or walk to school, we may need build downtime into our daily schedule through a morning workout, an afternoon walk or an evening meditation. When it comes to self-restoration, we all have options — find what works for you and give yourself the gift of downtime.

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As reported by Forbes, it is an open secret that despite its many flaws, the SAT is a critical tool for the affluent because it is a gatekeeper to many colleges and, ultimately, success. But will the College Board’s inept management of the SAT during the pandemic have long-term consequences?

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Dr. B is a senior psychologist and educator specializing in top performance. He is the author of four books on how stress affects performance including: A Teen’s Guide to Success (2014) and Crush Your Test Anxiety (2018). You will learn how to reduce test anxiety in order to achieve better test results. Workshop hosted by Avalon College Advising, presented by Dr. Ben Bernstein. If you weren’t able to join us live for Dr. Ben Bernstein’s workshop last month, here’s a link to the presentation.

Happy New Year! Second semester will be starting soon and there’s no better time for freshmensophomores and juniors to start putting together a college plan! Organize a list of schools you want to visit over spring break and schedule your campus tour ahead of time as school tours fill up quickly during holidays! (If your tour is full, try services like Campus Sherpa to get a student-led personalized tour of many college campuses.)

Give some thought to summer activities and opportunities – now is the time to apply! Talk to us at Avalon for some great ideas or pick up your own copy of The Ultimate Summer Program Guide for High School Students to explore the many possibilities on your own. When you are ready to start working with an advisor, please contact us for program details.

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