Dr. B is a senior psychologist and educator specializing in top performance. He is the author of four books on how stress affects performance including: A Teen’s Guide to Success (2014) and Crush Your Test Anxiety (2018). You will learn how to reduce test anxiety in order to achieve better test results. Workshop hosted by Avalon College Advising, presented by Dr. Ben Bernstein. If you weren’t able to join us live for Dr. Ben Bernstein’s workshop last month, here’s a link to the presentation.

In a very student-friendly move, the ACT announced that starting September 2020 it will allow students to retake selected sections of the ACT exam at digital testing sites. As reported by the NY Times, students will also have the option to take digital, rather than paper, ACTs on any of the national testing dates, allowing them to receive results within two business days. The ACT now fully endorses superscoring of its tests and will let students request and submit “superscored” score reports directly to colleges so that students no longer need to order and send each individual score report to their colleges.