We recently attended the National Conference for Independent Educational Consultants Association – IECA). These are our takeaways from the session on high performing high school athletes.

Presenters: Katie Andersen and David Stoeckel, The Student Athlete Advisors

Impact on Recruiting
– Recruiting Calendars have changed temporarily:
– DI – Dead period until July 31, 2020 – No in-person contact on or off campus
– DII – Quiet period until July 31, 2020 – On campus in-person contact allowed
– DIII – Case by case basis
*Coaches may write, call (phone or video), email and text

Campus Closures and Quarantine
– no unofficial/official visits, camps or showcases
– Limited ability for student athletes to evaluate schools and programs
– Coaches rely on recruiting video for initial evaluation

NCAA Eligibility Center
– Student athletes must take SAT or ACT to meet Div I or II requirements (even if the
schools decide to offer test optional admissions)
– check www.eligibilitycenter.org for updates

Spring Sports
– 5th year of athletic eligibility
– NCAA is allowing colleges to offer spring sport athletes a 5th year of athletic
eligibility – this will impact future recruiting classes but will not include Ivies

Advice for Student Athletes
– Contact coaches and send video (even if it’s a year old)
– Keep up your grades
– Take the SAT or ACT – NCAA is still requiring testing for eligibility
– Ask college coaches to put you in touch with current players and attend virtual
admissions meetings if you can’t visit campus
– Ask coaches if there will be financial impact on team budgets
Ideas for inspiring your mind and body during Covid-19